Introducing the Modular Casebook Series for Federal Constitutional Law

We think you’ll find that the Modular Casebook Series, published by Carolina Academic Press, is an innovative approach to teaching constitutional law. The Modular Casebook Series is customizable to your course, it teaches students the keys forms of constitutional argument, and it creates an environment of robust classroom discussion.

First, the Modular Casebook Series allows you to tailor your casebook to your course because it breaks up the traditional bulky, heavy, and expensive casebook into six thin, softcover, and inexpensive volumes, each of which covers one part of a six-credit constitutional law curriculum. Use only those volumes that you need for your course. If you’re teaching a three-credit structure course, then you’ll probably use the first three or four volumes. If your course covers the Fourteenth Amendment, then Volume 5 is perfect for you. If you’re teaching First Amendment, then Volume 6 will suit your needs.

Second, the Modular Casebook Series also emphasizes the key forms of argument in constitutional law and treats all of the arguments fairly. Our constitutional practice utilizes standard arguments: text, structure, history, tradition, and precedent. The Modular Casebook Series explicitly identifies these tools of constitutional interpretation, and through the exercises and class discussion, teaches students how to identify and deploy them effectively.

Third, the Modular Casebook Series promotes robust learning and classroom discussion through the exercises after the cases and materials. These exercises push students to learn more and more deeply from the cases and materials. They also provide a platform for engaged classroom discussion about the materials and their implications.

You’ll also find sample syllabi, teachers manuals, and course slides under the For Adopters link.

If you’d like to learn more, we encourage you to send us an email.